Products & Services


In Home / On Site => Service, Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Support

  • QLED/OLED/UHD Smart Television
  • Digital Signage Display
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Home Kitchen Appliances
  • Professional Kitchen Appliances (HoReCa)
  • Vending Machine
  • Ultrasound Medical Unit
  • Mobilphone/Notebook/Desktop
  • Other Products



  • 1st level support (welcome desk)
  • 2nd level support (fault diagnosis and parts dispatch for In Home / On Site technicians)
  • 3rd level support (phone fix)
  • Carrier Management
  • Questions and Answers help desk



  • Customer drop off points
  • Send in / Carry in
  • Single swap
  • Double swap
  • Collect and return (Pick up and return)
  • DOA management


Depot Repair

  • Whole unit Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • 1st Level (Software & Full replacement modules)
  • 2nd Level repairs
  • 3rd level mainboard repair (SMD + BGA)
  • LCD and Plasma panel (TAB,COG + POL) repair


Spare Parts & Stock Management

  • Just in time parts management
  • Spare parts control
  • Return to vendor processes
  • Parts salvage
  • Inventory and Stock control
  • Pick, Pack & Ship activities
  • Parts recovery and repair
  • Central spare parts management and distribution
  • Central parts distribution to own and ASC In Home / On Site repair technicians


Returns Management

  • Screening and replace for low $ products like MP3 players, USB Sticks etc
  • Screening with Asset recovery for High $ returns and refurbishment of CE and Brown Goods
  • Dismantling for parts and raw materials for economic disposal


Partner Management in Europe, Mid East and Africa

  • Offer manufacturers one point of contact for EMEA
  • Offer a central invoicing for the whole region
  • Roll out of common process in EMEA
  • Manage a manufacturers ASC network in all regions where no LetMeRepair subsidiary is available through our WEB based IT system. Offering Manufacturers one IT interface and common reporting in all regions


Managed Services

  • Customer walk in centers / drop off points
  • Retailer service desks
  • Customer Service Plaza


Retail Point of Sale (POS) Maintenance Services

  • In-store point of sale maintenance services
  • Parts forecasting per region
  • Point of sale equipment refurbishing
  • Pole Display, Scanner, Printer, Receipt Printer, Monitor, Terminal
  • Retail equipment audit support
  • Asset control and management
  • Technical call centre remote support to retail stores and onsite technicians
  • Multiple SLA/TAT support (6hr, 10hr, NBD, weekend)