LetMeRepair takes over the operations from Servinter Netherlands BV

Bautzen/Hasselt, 15th September 2022 – After taking over the assets of Servinter Benelux BV, trading under the name Servilux in Belgium and Luxembourg, on 29th August, LetMeRepair is delighted to announce that an agreement could be reached to also take over the operations from Servinter Netherlands BV.

“It was our clear intention from the very first moment to take over the entire Servilux business in all three countries. The complexity of the company structure and regulatory requirements in the different countries had to be respected. We warmly welcome our new colleagues in the Netherlands to the LetMeRepair Group”, so Karl Dominick, CEO of LetMeRepair.

The on-site service and repair in the Netherlands is already established through a network of own local screeners, technicians and long-term subcontracted partners. LetMeRepair will invest now in the capacity of this network for current and future customers. As another key piece, following the Business is Global – Solutions are Local strategy, the repair workshop in Waalwijk will be available to service local customers and retailers shortly.

We are pleased to announce that all major clients have confirmed their commitment to continue their cooperation in the Netherlands with LetMeRepair.

The financial and operational takeover will commence on the 22nd September 2022. The asset deal ensures a seamless operational transfer for all manufacturers and clients currently managed in the Netherlands. The Netherlands will be a branch operation of LetMeRepair Benelux BV with all local management and resources in place to support employees and customers adequately.

For further information please contact Karl Dominick () or Karl Sittinger ().

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