LetMeRepair takes over the I-CSS Midrand operation

LetMeRepair has taken over the operational and financial control of the I-CSS Midrand operation starting the 15th December 2007. ^
The transition of work in progress, staff and assets is in line with the memorandum of understanding set up between the Simeka and LetMeRepair management.
LetMeRepair has taken over the Midrand operation with the clear intention and commitment to secure the location and ensure continuity of service for all staff employed in the Midrand.
LetMeRepair´s acquisition of the I-CSS Midrand operation is the next step in the strategic development of the South African after sales service market. The acquisition gives LetMeRepair a two-depot footprint in South Africa focussed on the nation wide pick up and return service activities.
The MOU signed does not include the I-CSS - Durban, - Port Elisabeth, - Cape Town and - Bloemfontein operations.
Asked about the decision not to take over the regional I-CSS operations, the directors, Karl and Uwe Dominick had the following to say,: “LetMeRepair is not focussed on a customer drop off bench in every major city in South Africa. Our decision to take over the Midrand operation is of strategic nature. Geographically seen, South Africa is nearly 4 times the size of Germany with less than half the population. The great distances between the major cities are a challenge for our logistics providers. We will use the Midrand operation to cover the northern and eastern regions, and the George operation to cover the southern and western regions of South Africa. The customers will enjoy the benefit of having their products collected from and delivered to their homes or offices, and not take on the ordeal to travel to a repair depot within a 200km radius.”

LetMeRepair has pioneered the depot pick up return solution in South Africa with great success. The South African market has learnt from the experience in Europe and is ready to accept a central depot repair solution. Uwe Dominick, managing director of the South African organisation, is proud to announce “We are well set up to manage our budgeted growth rate, absorb the current market growth, and are ready for the expected IT and consumer products service boom in 2010.”

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