LetMeRepair Rhein-Main grows from strength to strength

LetMeRepair Rhein-Main is proud to announce the completion of the restructuring of the Grosswallstadt activity which was previously known as SR Service Consult GmbH. The restructuring began with the acquisition of the SR Service Consult, the nomination of Mr. Holger Krieger as the factory manager, a customer base restructuring and a radical cost and process optimising program during the last 18 months.

The company growth, from 16 up to 32 employees during this time proved the success of the re-organisation. LetMeRepair underlines the commitment to offer high level services in the Rhein-Main area whilst establishing cost effective industrialised service solutions using the headquarter in Bautzen as a staff pool to manage peaks in the seasonal activities.

LetMeRepair offers an exclusive in home repair service for LCD and Plasma TV´s in the Rhein Main area using Grosswallstadt as it central hub. LetMeRepair will use this experience and expertise to gradually expand this service offering into other regions in Germany.

The very highly motivated team has successfully moved the activities into the new facility in Grosswallstadt on the 1st till 3rd March 2007 and quadruples its capacity.

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