LetMeRepair opens its Nordic Region service centre in Sweden in January 2008

LetMeRepair is proud to announce the company registration of LetMeRepair Nordic AB in Sweden. The repair centre is currently being set up and the staff recruitment process has begun.

The opening of the Swedish operation is the next step in LetMeRepair´s goal to achieve a European service solution whilst focusing its activities in regional depots respecting local culture and requirements.
As per Karl Dominick, managing director of LetMeRepair Nordic AB. “LetMeRepair Nordic will be operational in the first January week 2008 and will offer our customers the same high level of support as experienced in other territories in EMEA today.

LetMeRepair Nordic AB will focus on the markets in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The services offered include the hotline activities in all 4 languages, the cross border logistics and the central depot repair in Uppsala. The products range from IT components, display products, Notebooks, LCD/PDP TV and consumer products.

LetMeRepair will closely interact with strategic partners in order to solve the hotline language and logistics issues, especially in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The LetMeRepair designed and programmed IT system, used in all LetMeRepair locations in EMEA, will be installed in Sweden as well. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a centralised European reporting system by using one database to manage their data. All LetMeRepair sites directly access this data-warehouse via internet web access. LetMeRepair can therefore offer our customers a real time access to all their repair projects, even if these are managed in South Africa or Poland
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